SLIDE Through Summers Like A Celeb🙅

Hi Guys,

Today, I am sharing a brilliant way to beat the heat in the most stylish way.

The Mumbai heat is literally killing us(Sure enough it applies to other parts of the country too🔥) I have nearly disowned my white sneakers and converse, I mean, who wants sweaty feet?

I have successfully transitioned to wearing the most comfortable,yet stylish shoe ever, the Slides. Trust, they look damn chic and far far better than the two strap slippers( lets keep them indoor 😣)

Wearing Slides has its own advantages like::

i No smelly feet

ii Comfortable and Stylish

iii Easy to dress up or dress down

iv Affordable

v Unisex

vi Many styles to choose from

vii Celeb approved, to list a few ☺☺

Check out how Gigi Hadid,Rihanna, Selena Gomez,Katy Perry, Rob, Kim and Khloé Kardashian wear theirs.

So, ditch you SuperStars and your espadrilles and invest in Slides. A number of options are available in the market the suit every budget and style. You can buy one for under Rs 1000 or spend as much as Rs.60k. Check out some of my favourites. Click for Brand and prices.ho

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in comments below.

PS: you can check out Asos, forever21, h&m, zara,any sports wear store and even your local markets for more 👍🏼

Post your pic wearing slides and use #theslidestribe on Instagram and tag @thesametribe for a chance to be featured on our page.

Shivangi xx






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