Met Gala & All The Drama



Rihanna, wearing Comme Des Garcon

Staying true to this year’s theme Avant Garde, celebrating Rei Kawakubo’s brand “Comme des Garçons”, the Met Gala 2017 was nothing short of a big surprize.

For those of you who are alien to Comme des Garçons, here is all you gotta know:

Comme des Garcons (French) translates to “Like some Boys” and is a Japanese brand owned by Rei Kawakubo. COMPLEX! Now you know why Rihanna looked, how she did last night (no pun intended).

Now, let’s get straight to what was trending on the red carpet:

Offbeat hairstyles: Rita Ora, Cara Delvigne (Gone Bald), Anna Cleveland & others

Blonde: Without a doubt. Spotted on Jaden Smith, Kylie Jenner, Donatella Versace, Zoe Kravtiz and Kate Hudson, to name a few

Hair Length:  Short, Sleek, Poker straight or messy bob. Go short or Go home, was the bottom line.

Makeup: Deep Red Lips or Nude Makeup, nothing largely OTT

Brands: DVF was the most common. Also spotted H&M on multiple celebs, woah! Nicki Minaj, Ashley Graham to name some.

For us, Selena Gomez was a complete winner for bringing some freshness and that blush being hand in hand with The Weeknd . Coming to the two Indian Beauties who made it to the Met Ball this year, well, we won’t say we were a fan of either. But let’s give Priyanka Chopra a head’s up for sticking to the theme, Experimental precisely. She could have done better with the jewellery & the shoes though.

Deepika Padukone, there’s always a next time. Check out the slide show to see who else we loved and not so much.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Tell us in the comment section below, who was your favorite.

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Shivangi x



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